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Bringing Irrigation Expertise to:

Residential Customers & Commercial Properties

TH&G designs each irrigation system to:

In addition to Professional Sprinkler Installations TH&G Services include 
Complete system maintenance with: 
  • Filter cleaning & Replacement
  • Valve Locating & Replacement
  • Raising, Lowering & Replacing heads
  • Relocating heads & pipes
  • Leak detection
  • Cleaning around heads
  • Locating Broken wire underground
  • Lake Screen cleaning
  • 100% QUALITY check
  • Coverage checks to your landscape requirements
Let TH&G customize your system by installing: 
  • A Remote control timer
  • Micro irrigation to water pots
  • Bubblers to irrigate new trees
  • Hose bibs & spickets for your convenience 
  • Upgrade risers to accommodate
  • Wireless rain sensor
  • Placements of cement donuts to protect your heads
  • Drip irrigation
TH&G staff also offers expertise in: 
  • Reclaim hookups and County inspections
  • French Drain Systems
  • Rust Injector System & Iron Stop
  • System revamps to accommodate new hardscape/landscape

Multi-Neighbor Installation Program
 This unique approach allows residential customers to enjoy the volume discount pricing traditionally extended to large commercial projects. Neighbors with adjacent yards or those residing in the same development receive discount pricing on installation or system revamps when they “bundle” projects to be done at the same time. 

 Landscaping Services and Special Orders
If you are looking to update your current landscaping LOOK no further, Tropical Home & Garden has 
gorgeous plants, trees and shrubbery available for special order.
Please visit the Landscaping page on our website for more information.

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