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Exploring Options for Water Sources

 Depending on the Location of your Residential or Commercial Property, you may need to comply with a variety of restrictions. One way to balance the need for compliance with watering schedules and still ensure an adequately watered property is to explore alternative water sources.

Exploring the installation of systems that utilize alternative water sources is worth the effort, as these systems can offer substantial savings. Such sources include a lake fed pump system or shallow well or deep well ( depths ranging from 28' - 100+' depths). Although these systems offer relief from the cost of water, your watering schedule still must adhere to all water restrictions in effect in your area.

If available in your area, installing a reclaimed water system offers substantial savings to commercial and residential water consumers.

Depending on the water source your irrigation system uses, if water stains become a concern TH&G can have your water tested to determine if installing an Iron Stop system would be beneficial. If this determination is made TH&G is able to install this technology and provide you with the appropriate chemicals for your system.


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